Our Mission
To maximise satisfaction through individual growth and improvement of quality of ourselves, systems, processes, equipment, communication and the environment.
Our Expertise
To provide to our customers a "ONE-STOP SHOP SOLUTION" from design to product realisation through our in-house mold-making, pressure-die casting, secondary machining and sub-assemblies.

Our strengths include die design and die making capabilities with moldflow simulation coupled with Pressure die casting, machining, finish & Painting and Sub-assembly.

The Company employs the latest in engineering technology. The use of some of the most powerful mechanical design software, and allows for comprehensive part development, from a product’s conceptual design and simulation through manufacturing abilities such as 2D/3D modeling.

Our casting weighs range from 10gm to 12kgs. Our product range varies from very small fittings to large instrument chassis. We service some of the world’s top Hard disk drive makers from USA & Japan and also High End Laboratory  Surgical  Microscopes and surveying instrument manufacturers  of  Switzerland and Germany.

In summary:

  • Complete “One-Stop Shop” Facilitiesin-house for Aluminum Die-casting Design & Mold fabrication,  Pressure Die Casting  and machining facilities for shorter leadtime & better Quality control
  • Able to provide optimization of Die designs  and moldflow simulation by ProCast.
  • In-house mold design team& complete fabrication and to  provide FA inspection Reports.
  • Able to make Aluminum die cast Molds and Castings from 125Ton – 1250Ton m/c.
  • Monthly capacity of 30-50 sets of Molds.
  • Die Casting machines : 20 Units (125Ton to 1250Ton)
  • Total Workforce of 280 employees


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